The Make Room Planner Simplifies Room Design

Instead of moving furniture around your home to see what fits where, you can visualise the space with free web app The Make Room. It allows you to recreate the space in your home and lay out pieces of furniture so you can picture your room design without breaking a sweat.

The Make Room is backed by retail store Urban Barn, which conveniently provides images of its furniture for you to use as examples. But it's not pushy at all, and you can customise everything from the layout of the room to the units of measurement. You can save your room designs if you register with the site, but you can just as easily do a screen capture or print the image without giving up any of your personal details.

The software is created by Icovia and licensed to many furniture stores, but Urban Barn's implementation of the 2D room-planning software seems to have the most features with the least hassle.

It's easy to use and full of features to help you plan and design the layout of your home for virtually any room or dwelling. You can have a go yourself at the link below.

The Make Room Planner [Urban Barn]


    any one knows free software like this thats a bit more customization to it
    that does kitchens

      Google Sketch up?

      IKEA Kitchen Planner

        IKEA Kitchen Planner is brilliant! we have our planned kitchen ready when we finally have the cash - and we don't need to buy from IKEA...

    Haha, a few years ago I redesigned my house changing the room functions. To pre test I made scale copies of my main furniture and the rooms on paper. Old school style.

    MagicPlan is also worth looking at...

    Imperial only, Google Sketchup and Visio are superior.

    Come on, Man! You've got the foot of your bed pointing towards the door!! Don'do it (for some obscure reason).

    Autodesk have one of these, and it makes hot 3D images as well as a 360degree virtual camera. It is on google apps I think, or extensions or something like that

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