The Low, White Workspace

Who says you have to sit in a chair or stand to be comfortable at your desk? Today's featured workspace showcases a giant white table that sits low to the ground so the floor can be used as a seat.

This workspace is the creation of Lifehacker reader Ben, who sits at the table cross-legged on a yoga mat. Besides the unusual low height of the IKEA Galant table, the workspace has a clean, minimalist appeal. I'm not sure how long I could sit cross-legged on the floor, but perhaps it would encourage getting up to take more of those necessary breaks from sitting.

New desk [Flickr]


    It looks perfect for when he's not working on his screenplay at local coffee shops.

    I like it, for someone who lives in an apartment it would make for a good use of space by reusing your large LCD tv as a monitor.
    And you can always sit up on the couch while you play games or watch movies!

    That would strain my knees and back after a while.

    Yeah, that would destroy my back for sure. Pretty though.

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