The CustoMac 2012 Buyer's Guide Offers Hackintosh Builds For Every Budget

If you've been waiting to build an Ivy Bridge-based hackintosh with OS X Mountain Lion, Tonymacx86's custom builds for 2012 are now available. They include a powerful budget build that you can have for as little as $US550.

Tonymacx86 always puts together a group of solid, tested hackintosh builds that you can trust to work with OS X, but this year brings a few awesome bonuses. Aside from offering a variety of options for each build, for added customisability, the builds now offer Wi-Fi. If you've been building hackintoshes for a while, you know that the lack of Wi-Fi has a been a long-time disadvantage.

At the higher end, you can even get a hackintosh with inexpensive liquid cooling. If any of the builds don't quite work for you, the guide offers plenty of alternative parts you can swap to get the build you want. The only thing missing is a mini build, but if you want one of those (or just need help with your build and installation) be sure to check out our guide to building a hackintosh.

Building a CustoMac: Buyer's Guide 2012 [tonymacx86]


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