The Cardboard Box Office

Looks can be deceiving: the office we're featuring today is actually made of cardboard. It might not stay with you for a lifetime, but it's designed to be just as sturdy as any other furniture.

All the white furniture in the picture was created by a company called SmartDeco, and it can handle quite a bit of weight thanks to its structure. While cardboard might not be your first choice in office furniture, it's a cheap way to get a decent office that you can actually use.

The Box Office Set [Apartment Therapy Tech]


    Pity they don't ship outside the US.

    Cardboard furniture can be great. In my 1st year of a university design course I had to make a cardboard chair. No glue or other fasteners, just folds. it held the required 100 kg and although it looks a bit shabby 18 months later it is still useable.

    Just don't spill coffee on your desk...

    Since it's cheap you can actually use it and when you got tired of it you can refold it and make it into a different table or just get a new one. It's very practical. Not sure what the surface is made out of but if it's real cardboard you can write important information on the top so you never forget stuff. You can't really tell from the picture that int's not real.

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