The Byte Cellar: A Geeked-Out Ode To Computers And Video Games

Today's featured workspace is an incredible personal museum of sorts dedicated to vintage computers and game systems. The "Byte Cellar" proudly displays Blake Patterson's love of computing and gaming, with many of the 122 systems he's owned over the years still in his collection.

Obviously, this workspace would be hard for others to replicate (and many wouldn't even want to have all those old machines taking up space). It's still an inspiring space because of the level of detail devoted to this theme, from the Atari paintings to the motherboards on the ceiling. Themed rooms that show off your passion can be great places to work in.

Here's Blake's panorama made from 16 stitched photos (click to expand). You can also see a close-up with all the items labelled on his website, which also offers a list of all the systems and gadgets he's ever owned.

The Byte Cellar


    I dunno. It's cool, but I can imagine his electricity bill each quarter....

      Cool setup, I wouldnt keep them all running 24/7 though because that'd be just crazy

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