The Best Way To Fold And Pack A Suit Jacket

The Best Way To Fold And Pack A Suit Jacket

Planning a trip that requires you to pack a suit? The folks at The Compass demonstrate the best way to do that. The folding method involved shouldn’t crease your suit, ensuring you arrive at your destination with the suit still looking presentable.

The folding technique is actually used by clothiers prior to shipping, so it’s a good alternative to the rolling method. You want to pop one of the shoulders inside-out while holding the suit jacket upright, and then fold the outside of the jacket into itself, almost inside-out. For step-by-step instructions with photos, hit the link below. When you’ve finished folding, your suit jacket should be in a tidy, flat square.

This technique results in a neater product compared to another method we mentioned earlier this year, but it will probably take you a few tries to master it.

Ask a Black Lapel Stylist: How to Fold a Suit Jacket When Traveling [The Compass]

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