The Best Times To Shop Online If You Want The Most Savings

Grabbing the best prices is all about where and when you shop. Retailer reporting service SumAll has identified the best (and worst) days and months to find online deals and packed it all in this handy calendar infographic.

The data is compiled from over 3000 merchants and almost half a billion transactions over four years.

It probably won't surprise you that November offers the biggest discounts (an average of 5.99 per cent), followed by post-holiday January (4.95 per cent), but the calendar also warns you that March is a dismal time to shop if you're looking for sales (2.76 per cent).

The best days to buy are Tuesday and Thursday. Forget big savings on Sunday.

And new companies (just opened or under two years old) offer the biggest deals versus established ones. So don't wait to shop at a new site.

Here's the whole graphic. (click to expand, right click to save). It's compiled from US data, but considering we're buying a lot these days from the States, these are still handy percentages to know.

Keep in mind that there are specific days and months that are best for specific shopping categories. If you're just planning your shopping in general, though, consider waiting until the days and months with the highest discounts.

Discounts...Get the Inside Scoop [SumAll via DailyFinance]


    So this is for US pricing, which means hope that they will ship overseas and add exorbitant shipping cost..?

      Depends on what you buy. I've had SSDs shipped for $5 from OWC. Like everything, you have to shop around and get a little lucky.

      99% of the items I buy online is from overseas. Shop around - most places ship overseas at reasonable prices.

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