The Best Spot To Hide Valuables May Be Your Kid's Room

If you want tips on how keep your valuables safe, who better to ask than burglars themselves. Reader's Digest rounded up advice from convicted burglars as well as criminology experts. One secret you might not know: burglars rarely enter children's rooms.

Photo remixed from an original by Amy Gizienski

Given this knowledge, you might consider bolting down that safe in if your kid's closet. This isn't a guarantee, of course, that burglars with time on their hands won't go digging in that room of the house, so maybe consider constructing secret hiding places within your kid's room.

The Reader's Digest (annoying) slideshow includes other ways to increase your home's security. Most of these you probably already know about, such as making sure a neighbour or friend removes fliers tucked in your door when you're on vacation, but you might learn something new, like checking the bathroom window latch after you let a service worker use your bathroom.

13+ Things a Burglar Won't Tell You [Reader's Digest via USA Today]


    Well, they didn't BEFORE - they will NOW.

    Trust me when I say that most burglars are worrying about how to score their next fix, rather than reading reading life hacker or readers digest.

    I wonder if it is a respect thing (not thats crims have respect) that they know a kid would be traumatised......or is it a self preservation thing. If they get caught no doubt it would make it around prison they ransacked a kids room and then lead onto them being a pedo and ultimatly beaten/stabbed/killed

      Probably more that the most expensive things are likely to be in the lounge/study/parents room. Kids room is less likely to have the biggest and best tv/computer in the house, or jewellery.

      I'd say your average burglar, i.e shithead kids and junkies, aren't soulless, evil monsters, so to a certain extent, probably steer clear of children as much as possible, they are there for a reason, get in, grab lightweight, expensive stuff and get the heck out, but, there is also the fact that all the expensive stuff is usually in the adults room, study and living room, so I'm not painting them as angels.

      In saying this, I think you are asking for trouble of the worst kind, hiding valuables in your child's room? That's a little sick.
      I mean, if someone has been watching you or noticed you brought home valuables that day, they then invade your home that night, can't find it anywhere, they are desperate and don't want to leave without it, it is now you who have essentially forced them to seek elsewhere in your home, and who knows what can happen if someone is startled and panics after a kid starts crying because a stranger is in there room at night.

      Nothing is valuable enough to hide in you freaking kids room......jesus.
      If you lose cash or some jewelry in a home invasion, you'll quickly get over it, probably insured anyway?
      But, if your kid gets killed over some jewelry, that YOU hid in their room!?
      You would never forgive yourself.

    Yeah I don't reckon that's true at all. Maybe it was 10 years ago, but now days you'll find plenty of stuff to steal in kids bedrooms, Consoles, iPad/iPods, Hand held gaming devices, portable electronics in general.

      yes, but as much as in the loungeroom or study? I doubt it.

        I'm with Cameron. Kids ' rooms are gold mines nowadays. Portable electronics in particular.

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