Ten Easy Life Hacks In Less Than Two Minutes

If you're so busy you don't even have time to look up the best in kitchen hacks, then this short video is exactly what you need. It condenses ten great tips into a minute and 41 seconds, so for those of you out there that really like to cram your learning experiences into the tiniest of periods, this is perfect.

Among the tips covered in the video (courtesy of Household Hacker) are cooking food with a toaster, making "hobo" coffee and my personal favourite, an awesome way to quickly and easily clean the inside of a messy microwave.

We've covered a few of these before (like using a zip bag as a funnel), but it's nice to have some vision to accompany the tips and they're presented in a humorous way, which is always appreciated.

Quick and Simple Life Hacks — Part 3 [YouTube]


    If you do the toaster trick with a plastic toaster, the rising heat will melt it ruining your meal and toaster.

      Plus when your meal is done you can pick it up from the floor...

    I'm pretty sure that hot water freezing faster than cold water was debunked. Not sure about he clarity though.

      I'm thinking that's a load too...
      Plus putting a wooden spoon on a pot to stop it boiling over is kinda dumb too, you should put a lid on it in the first place to make it boil faster.

      Its true the temperature differential is greater so it starts of at a higher rate of cooling and keeps cooling at the higher rate

        Yeah, the Mpemba effect. It can happen, in some circumstances, but in an ice-tray in a freezer the hot water will not freeze faster.

        I personally use the wooden spoon to stop stuff from boiling over on a pot and it works fine for me.

      It does freeze faster up to a certain point. It's Newton's Law of Cooling. The rate of cooling is proportional to the difference between the temperature of the object and the ambient temperature. In the case of room temperature water (around 20 degrees) and boiling (around 100) both going into a freezer which is ideally -18 degrees, the difference in temperature is quite significant. I wouldn't be surprised if you ran the equations and found that the boiling water hits cooler temperatures faster and thus hits the freezing point faster as well, though I doubt there will be a massive difference between them.

      As for making clear ice, boiling isn't going to do much. You have to start with distilled water. The cloudy parts in ice cubes are caused mainly by minerals from the water which even filtering won't remove all of, and also air in the water. Boiling will remove most of the air, but the minerals will still be in solution and cause the result to have cloudy patches.

    I don't think it keeps cooling at the higher rate... I imagine if an experiment was done where a container was placed in a freezer (controlled) at, say, 50 degrees C, and another was added when the first was at 20 degrees C (assuming the second container was also at 20C) then you might notice a quicker cooling in the first container. This would seem to prove that hypothesis, BUT consider that the containers the water has been placed in, even if they are the same material, the one in the freezer COULD be colder than the one outside the freezer (it may have a lower specific heat capacity than water) and as such may help the previously "hotter" water cool!

    2cents :-D

    Hot water freezing before cool water in the same freezer is well known - it's called the Mpemba Effect. It doesn't work under all circumstances, but it does work. It may be down to the hotter water being degassed by heating. The Royal Society of Chemistry has a prize for anyone who can solve the puzzle definitively - http://www.rsc.org/AboutUs/News/PressReleases/2012/mpemba-effect-water-ice-hot.asp

    I love the corkscrew idea and the ziplock-bag funnel.

    Needing to whip cream once, but the machine was broken, my dad jammed a fork into the drill. It made a bit of a mess but not that much. It worked.

    Makeshift iron: Put your t-shirt on and let your body heat do the rest of the work. Sure, it'll take an hour or three, but it works and saves time :-P

    Makeshift Iron: Get dressed and don't give a fuck what anyone thinks of your creased clothes.

    He did say that putting hot water in an ice tray would freeze it quicker but that wasn't the hack he was showing. The hack was if you freeze water straight after boiling it the ice cubes won't be cloudy.

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