Telstra's Beyond Talk Prepaid Adds Rollover

A common criticism of Telstra's prepaid mobile plans is that they don't include credit rollover options, so unused value goes wasted when the credit period expires. Telstra's new Beyond Talk prepaid plans incorporate that option, but you'll pay a clear price in terms of how many calls you can make.

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There are five recharge options: $30, $40, $50, $70 and $100. The $50 and above plans include unlimited texts, and all the plans include various bonuses, such as additional calling minutes and data allowances, as detailed below:

Outside the bonus minutes, calls are charged at 78 cents per minute or part thereof, plus a flagfall of 39 cents. Texts are 29 cents each. Unused credit rolls over at the end of each month if you recharge, though you can't have more than $300 credit in total.

The basic calling rate across the plans is actually cheaper than on Telstra's Cap Encore plans (which charge 89 cents per minute), but you get rather less call credit even when you include the bonus calling minutes. Using the standard of the number of 2-minute calls you can make (which providers will have to quote from October), here's how Cap Encore and Beyond Talk compare:

Recharge Value Cap Encore Beyond Talk
$30 100 115
$40 232 170
$50 433 275
$70 652 385
$100 867 451

As you can see, on a $30 recharge you would get more 2-minute calls on Beyond Talk, but on every other recharge Cap Encore offers better value. Given that Cap Encore also includes free calls to standard Australian numbers in the evening, it looks like better value on this measure unless rollover is particularly important to you. Calls may not be your main focus — data and texting are important considerations — but that comparison is a reminder that you need to think beyond the notion that rollover is valuable purely for its own sake.

Telstra [via Telstra Exchange]


    My current plan, text+data or whatever they call it these days has this. I think this replaces that option but gives less data?

    Am I missing something? I'm on the old Cap+ prepaid plan (which Telstra will have to pry from my cold, dead hands) and my credit already rolls over as long as I recharge before it expires. How is this new plan different?

    What do you mean it rolls over, do you mean the unused talk, text and data will roll over with each recharge as real credit on all the caps rolls over already? That would be the only way to compensate users for the reduced value, otherwise the ENCORE cap would be much better value and the recharge credit already rolls over to the max value of $300 just like this cap too.

    Also the old talk&text was $30 recharge 100min + 100 text, while this new cap offers 200min 200 text and 200mb of data so i dont know why you wouldnt jump all over the new offer UnfairRobot if it rolls over unused calls, text and data as well as recharge (real) credit that you can then use to top up with bonus packs out of this credit (also helps keep you under the $300 max limit too)

      If you are on talk+text and switch over to Beyond Talk do you lose your accumulated bonuses? I had a quick look but can't see this mentioned on their website.

      The bonuses on Beyond Talk have the same name so maybe they would be fine?

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