Taskup Offers Fast And Flexible To-Do Tracking

Taskup Offers Fast And Flexible To-Do Tracking

Taskup is a new web-based to-do manager that offers colour-coded priority markers, to-do notifications via email and cloud sync. It’s all presented in one fast and good-looking package that just might rival your current setup.

Once you sign up (via OAuth, using your preferred Google account) you can immediately begin adding to-dos you want to track. Flag them with priorities and keep them organised with drag-and-drop categories. If you set a due date for your tasks, Taskup will email you on the day. Your changes are synced as you type, and they’re accessible from any other linked devices.

Taskup is in alpha, so expect a few bugs here and there. Most users can get by with the free plan, which gives you up to 1000 to-dos, but there are pro and business plans available too. If you haven’t found the perfect to-do manager yet and want something simple, fast and web-based, Taskup is worth a look.



  • Hey there!

    The TaskUp team has been heads-down in Boston working on making TaskUp awesome so we thought we’d provide you a quick update!

    Overall: 2 new features, a new blog & a whole lot of bug fixes & UI enhancements!

    1. Tasks by Email

    Tired of having work/friend’s emails just sit in your mailbox?
    TaskUp now allows you to turn your emails into tasks for yourself and your co-workers & friends!

    Ever find yourself wishing you could transform incoming emails into tasks, automatically?
    You can now add up to 5 additional email addresses through which you can receive tasks in your account.
    That’s more than plenty for all your personal and work email accounts!

    – To create a task for yourself:
    Reply or Forward the email to/cc/bcc ‘[email protected]

    – To Create a task for someone else:
    Reply or Forward the email to the person e.g. [email protected] and cc/bcc: [email protected]
    Note: The subject of the email becomes the ‘Task Name’ and the email content appears in the ‘Notes’

    To get set up, sign in, click on the Settings icon in the bottom left corner of TaskUp, and enter your additional email addresses in the “Incoming Tasks” tab.

    2. Tasks by Text Message (SMS)

    As we continue to develop our mobile apps, we wanted to give our users an alternate way to get their tasks in on the go.
    Enter task by Text Message!

    To get set up, sign in, click on the Settings icon in the bottom left corner of TaskUp, and enter your cell phone number in the “Incoming Tasks” tab.
    Once set up, text (617) 300-0437 with your tasks and they will be automatically created in your inbox!

    3. Blog

    Stay tuned in to what the team is doing at http://blog.taskup.com

    Happy Tasking,
    Andrei, Divesh & the TaskUp Team

    Visit us!
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/taskup
    Facebok: http://www.facebook.com/taskup?fref=ts

    As always, for issues/feedback, email us at [email protected]

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