Tackle The Hard Stuff First To Make The Most Of Your Morning

The first hour of your morning sets the stage for the rest of the day, and making the most of it doesn't mean opening your inbox and sifting through whatever came in overnight. You should first tackle those heavy tasks that you know you won't have the energy for later in theday.

Photo by Sergej Khakimullin (Shutterstock).

Over at Fast Company, Lifehacker contributor Kevin Purdy points out that some of the web's most successful people do their toughest, most difficult to-dos in the morning — the things they would procrastinate on once the day got busy. He cites our own Gina Trapani, who makes a similar suggestion but for a different reason: by doing that tough thing you've been putting off first thing in the morning, it feels great to have it behind you and in the bank. Use that feeling of accomplishment to carry you through the day.

The piece goes on to offer some other great ways to start your work day, like taking time to centre yourself and preparing for the work you're doing before you start. Whatever you do, make sure your first hour is well spent — it may be the most productive hour you have.

What Successful People Do With The First Hour Of Their Work Day [Fast Company]


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