Stream Music To Your Android Device From iTunes And Other AirPlay Clients

Android: Apple's media-streaming technology, AirPlay, is designed to stream only to "Apple approved" devices, but Android users can get around this by restriction with Android HIFI. The free app turns your Android device into a receiver for streaming music from AirPlay clients like iTunes and iOS.

Android HIFI, a.k.a. HIFISpeaker when it's installed on your device, is a no-frills app. There are few settings except choosing whether or not to keep your screen on. All you have to do is turn on iTunes, select Android HIFI as the speakers, and open the Android app. Both devices need to be on the same wireless network.

The app has a couple of useful features, such as adjusting the delay, auto-muting when there's an incoming call, and auto-lowering the volume if your headset is unplugged or your Bluetooth device is disconnected.

It's similar to previously mentioned AirBubble. Although Android HIFI has fewer settings, the app is completely free (as opposed to $US1.99 for the full AirBubble licence), and I found it played with fewer interruptions than AirBubble.

Give it a go and let us know what you think below.

Android HIFI [Google Play via XDA Developers]


    Or you could just use an industry standard generic DLNA/UPnP server and client. But then you wouldn't be an iFag hipster I guess.

      @Mick - that's a little harsh for a Saturday morning isn't it?

      Anyway, I live in a house with multiple devices, some iOS, some android... If all your music has already been organised in itunes, this makes things a little easier, for the low low cost of free :-)

    That's true Mick but my experience with friends/relatives is that setting up more generic arrangements is often beyond the abilities of non-techie people. Airplay has the advantage that it works quite simply and is easy to understand.

    HIFI is free and really easy to use. It's got all the settings you need, really. Already deinstalled AirBubble. Cheers.

    No longer free. Same licensing as AirBubble, you get 30 mins and then have to restart it. $1.99 is still cheaper than a AppleTV box though.

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