Still No Aussie Amazon Appstore Plans, Dammit

Amazon has launched its Android Appstore in a handful of European countries this week, extending what is one of the most reliable ways to get cheap Android apps to locations outside the US. However, Aussies shouldn't get their hopes up: there are still no official plans to extend into Australia.

Briefly buoyed with the thought that Amazon was no longer taking an only-in-the-US approach, I contacted the company to ask if there were any plans for other locations. This is what I got told: "We don’t have anything to announce about Appstore expansion into Australia." Drat.

It's possible that when the successor to the Kindle Fire is announced, we'll see an Australian launch of that reader/tablet. Given that it runs Android, that would make the Appstore a much more likely prospect. In the meantime, it's off-limits unless you want to go through complicated processes involving both your Amazon and Google accounts.


    Does Amazon's Appstore have apps that Google Play doesn't?

      Yes, it has a fair few apps not on Google Play. Others launch exclusively on there.

      I have the Amazon Appstore, but can only use free apps. No way of purchasing paid apps

      I also use the GetJar & SlideMe markets, which also have apps no on Google Play - and GetJar offers paid apps for free if you watch adverts while they're downloading.

    I've got a UK Visa Debit card and a valid address I can use, so I have signed up for I will only take the free apps probably, unless there is something special that Google doesn't have. It's a crying shame the likes of Amazon (and Google for that matter) don't fully open their doors here. There is a decent market just waiting to be tapped.

    As someone who's had iPhones since 2007 and is planning to change to a Galaxy S3... mainly cause I'm bored with iPhone.... post like this showing how scattered and fragmented the apps are for Android... does not fill me with confidence. Say what you will about apple and it's practices, and I can say lots for sure... at least people can plug it in and sync and EVERYTHING just loads into a new handset. And it all comes from ONE place.

    Seems like Android requires people to manage this across several locations and services manually. Hmmmmm.....

      "And it all comes from ONE place" ... yep ... at massively inflated prices too ... :D

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