Sea Mail Deadlines For Christmas Parcels Are Rapidly Approaching

It's only August and Christmas seems months away. However, if you want to send presents overseas and don't want to spend a fortune on postage, the cut-off data for sending parcels by sea mail to some overseas destinations are already rapidly approaching.

Picture by Rupert Ganzer

Checking Australia Post's deadline calendar highlights that some South American destinations have an August 17 cut-off for pre-Christmas delivery. The UK cuts off on September 21, and the rest of Europe on September 28. Remember also these are the outlier dates: to be sure of delivery, you'd want to get in a little ahead of time. Here's the full list (note that Asia Pacific destinations don't get seamail):

Destination 2012 Sea Mail Cut Off Date
Albania 28 Sep
Algeria 21 Sep
Argentina 17 Aug
Ascension & St Helena 31 Aug
Austria 28 Sep
Bahamas 31 Aug
Bahrain 28 Sep
Barbados 31 Aug
Belgium 21 Sep
Belize 20 Aug
Bermuda 31 Aug
Bolivia 17 Aug
Bosnia & Herzegovina 27 Aug
Botswana 27 Aug
Brazil 17 Aug
Bulgaria 28 Sep
Burundi 14 Sep
Canada 28 Sep
Central Africa 10 Sep
Chile 17 Aug
Colombia 17 Aug
Congo 7 Sep
Costa Rica 31 Aug
Croatia 14 Sep
Cuba 17 Sep
Cyprus 30 Aug
Czech Republic 28 Sep
Denmark 28 Sep
Djibouti 7 Sep
Equador 14 Sep
Egypt 30 Aug
El Salvador 31 Aug
Equatorial Guinea 7 Sep
Estonia 28 Sep
Ethiopia 7 Sep
Falkland Islands 31 Aug
Finland 28 Sep
France 28 Sep
French Guiana 17 Aug
Germany 21 Sep
Ghana 16 Aug
Gibraltar 16 Aug
Greece 30 Aug
Guatemala 31 Aug
Guinea 14 Sep
Guyana 17 Aug
Haiti 31 Aug
Hungary 28 Sep
Iceland 16 Aug
Iran 14 Sep
Iraq 14 Sep
Ireland 28 Sep
Israel 30 Aug
Italy 28 Sep
Jamaica 31 Aug
Jordan 7 Sep
Kenya 7 Sep
Kuwait 28 Sep
Latvia 28 Sep
Lesotho 28 Sep
Liberia 31 Aug
Libya 14 Sep
Leichtenstein 28 Sep
Lithuania 28 Sep
Luxemborg 28 Sep
Macedonia 30 Aug
Malawi 10 Aug
Malta 30 Aug
Mauritania 14 Sep
Mauritius 20 Sep
Mexico 17 Aug
Morocco 14 Sep
Netherlands 28 Sep
Nicaragua 31 Aug
Nigeria 14 Sep
Norway 28 Sep
Norfolk Island 29 Oct
Panama 17 Aug
Paraguay 17 Aug
Peru 17 Aug
Poland 28 Sep
Portugal 28 Sep
Qatar 28 Sep
Romania 28 Sep
Russia 28 Sep
Saudi Arabia 28 Sep
Serbia & Montenegro 28 Sep
Sierra Leone 14 Sep
Slovak Republic 28 Sep
Slovenia 28 Sep
South Africa 28 Sep
Spain 28 Sep
Sweden 28 Sep
Switzerland 28 Sep
Syria 7 Sep
Trinidad & Tobago 17 Aug
Turkey 28 Sep
Uganda 17 Sep
United Arab Emirates 28 Sep
Ukraine 28 Sep
United Kingdom 21 Sep
United States 28 Sep
Uruguay 17 Aug
Zambia 28 Sep
Zimbabwe 28 Sep

Australia Post


    There must be huge profit margins in Australia Posts international parcels, 10KG AUS - USA via Sea is $113 and Airmail is $189. VIa DHL / Fedex/TNT bulk freight is approx $7 per KG to the USA, landed in 2-3 days. Airmail still takes nearly 2 weeks with Aus Post and Sea Freight 3 months?

    i didn't know seamail still existed

    Thanks for the reminder! I have tried to post family Christmas presents to the UK by sea mail in the past...saves heaps of money but always feels weird sending them so early!

    I recently sent a gift to my niece in Canada and found it was much cheaper to buy online overseas and get shipped directly. From Oz gift was $30 plus $30 shipping for total of $60. From UK site exact same gift was $15 plus $7.50 to post from UK to Canada for total of $22.50. Doubt I'll be shipping gifts from Oz anymore.

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