ScanEye Knows What You've Been Torrenting

Think you've been careful with your BitTorrent activity? Think again. ScanEye is a new site that creepily knows what you've downloaded on BitTorrent and shows it to you shows, serving as a good reminder to keep your activities private.

ScanEye is very similar to previously mentioned You Have Downloaded, which is no longer around. Like that site, it scans your IP address against its database of torrents, and spits out a list of your recently downloaded files.

It may not be 100 per cent accurate, especially if you have a dynamic IP address, but it's pretty freaky to see what it comes up with, and reminds us all that our torrenting can be very, very public. If you use BitTorrent, make sure you're using a good VPN service or a proxy like BTGuard to keep your activities private.

ScanEye [via TorrentFreak]


    Well that worked well for me..

    "We do not have information about your IP"

      Are you using dynamic IP address by any chance with your ISP? Chances are you are, so your record would be unlikely shown on that page. However, my work IP (static btw) got a bunch of results! Hah!

    does anyone still torrent?

      Well how you watch the latest episode of Breaking Bad every week?

        Awks because I have a "friend" who is doing that right now o.O

      Nope. NZB's FTW!

    Nope - my IP is clean. My neighbours though - they have downloaded all sorts of stuff!

      You're so cool. Until your neighbors get a menacing letter and realize that they haven't been downloading porn and it must be the single man living with his mom next door.
      Enjoy karma.

    Been using 'NZB matrix' for awhile now, so haven't bothered with torrents much. It didn't find anything about me either, and I've downloaded a lot of TV shows recently!

    Mine is certainly fine! However, this computer in Brazil is another story! Naughty, naughty Brazilians.

    No activity for me! YAY! hahahhaha

    apparently someone has used my work pc to download The Witcher 2. interesting.

      You should find out who they are and have them fired.

    Private trackers FTW.

    Sucks to be you and have a static IP.

    Worked great for me. They had one torrent on me, episode 6 of a series that I've never heard of, seen, searched for or downloaded. Although, from reading about it online, I have to admit that I'm a bit intrigued... :P

    +1 @Expat Joe. Said I had downloaded some music that I had not.

    Oh snap. They found out about my yuru yuri

    Interesting... Apparently i've downloaded a Swedish dubbed version of 'Miss Conception' 7 times...

    since the contact us only refers to this email address below, the information that is gathered is definetly legit NOT!!!!. LH is this meant to be a joke?
    E-mail: [email protected]

    I have a static IP, and it only detected 3 things for me. Most of my stuff is obtained from private trackers these days, but that's mostly because i'm into some stuff that simply isn't available on public sites (like neighbours episodes for example)

      Seriously, that's something I wouldn't have admitted to.

    Lol wow, my work computer is full of stuff. But as all our software is pirated I am unsurprised.

    I do not know how accurate this thing is or what torrents they monitor, but I am not listed.

    I know many people do not agree but I am thinking Peerblock had a roll in this

    I've download heaps of Swedish subbed shit apparently? One torrent 79 times....

    Yeah this doesn't appear to work so well.

      Disregard that. I clicked Demo.

    lol, it's telling me I downloaded a copy of "Spiderman 2012". Pity the information is inaccurate.

    It pulls torrents from two indexes – TorrentReactor and adult site NuTorrent – but where the .torrent files come from is largely irrelevant since they are available from many other sites too.

    It thinks I've downloaded "One for the money" which I've never even heard of.

    1 City Of God-720p MP4 AAC x264 BRRip 2002-CC 2012-07-19 11:17:34.369966 1
    2 Pans Labyrinth-720p MP4 AAC x264 BRRip 2006-CC 2012-07-29 06:57:59.184375 1
    3 Terminator 2 Judgment Day 1991 Skynet Edition BluRay 1080p DTS-ES x264-3Li 2012-06-23 00:00:00 8

    Guilty as charged.

    yeah this site is either grossly misinformed, or fake.
    my ip comes up with a list of 24 movies/shows from BBC and the History Channel......

    plus the movie Cars 2 - twice....


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