SBS On Demand Comes To iOS

In Australia, government-funded TV services do a much better job of meeting the needs of viewers. Echoing similar moves by the ABC, SBS has released an iOS app for viewing its On Demand catch-up service.

The app runs on iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches. If you have a (free) SBS On Demand account, you can sync your playlist between your iDevice and other systems which support On Demand, a list which includes Xbox, PS3 and a number of smart TVs, as well as the On Demand site. You can subscribe to shows on your playlist to have new episodes added automatically.

As with any streaming TV service, caution is advised on 3G phone networks to ensure you don't chew through your data allowance. SBS estimates that a 30 minute video will use 340MB of data. (That's higher than the ABC's iView, which quotes an average of 150MB for a 30 minute program.)

SBS On Demand is a free download for all iOS devices.

SBS On Demand [iTunes App Store]


    Kudos to the ABC for iView and SBS for OnDemand. Excellent services, good apps. How the Liberals must hate these organisations for making good quality content available to all citizens (which means both probably have a limited lifetime -- enjoy them while you can).

    (Shame also on both of them for insisting on Stone-Age Flash for their respective web apps -- both services are great on the iPad but CPU/energy-sucking monstrosities on desktops).

      "how the Liberals must hate these organisations for making good quality content available to all citizens"....lolwat?

        Re: Jason, +1.

        Also, in before someone asks "Where's the Android app?"

        @jason: the Libs won't want to resist Murdoch et al pleading 'unfair competition'. The lobbying's already started, with Lib/Nat backbenchers complaining about the free ride that consumers are getting from the ABC. I guess we'll see, but I doubt that iView or SBS On Demand will last long after 2013.

          And I would suggest that the Coalition have better things to do than to complain about the so-called "free ride" that Lachlan Murdoch and his ilk are complaining about. The Nationals would certainly complain about any cuts to the ABC, as that would affect rural broadcasting. SBS is partly commercial, so it doesn't apply in this case. And I would suggest that shadow minister Malcolm Turnbull would have suppression of the ABC very low on his agenda.

          In any case, iView and SBS InDemand are mainly providing entertainment and information services, not editorial content (Craig Thompson notwithstanding), and wouldn't be covered by what News Limited are railing about (the "unfair" subsudised government funding of national broadcasters's news collection, such as by the ABC and BBC.)

            lol @ SBS "partly commercial"

            Take a look at their ad revenue compared to Government funding and try to say that with a straight face.

      The ABC iOS app is terrible. It stops part way through watching something and doesn't resume correctly.

        Really? Always been fine for me. Are you sure you aren't going by anecdotal evidence and assuming it's universal?

      Agreed re. iView using Flash - in my opinion Flash should never have been used for video. But, I thought the SBS one was able to use HTML5 as well? Or am I mistaken

        Yes the SBS on Demand website uses HTML 5, I watch it using safari on my iPad all the time, so I don't see why this app was necessary...

    This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

    Don't these people know that there are more Androids out there than apples?

      uhhh... yeah... 'course there are

        Yes but there are more iPads and that is the natural device to watch TV over a phone. Yes I know people will argue with my point saying they watch a lot of TV on their phone, but I personally find it annoying on the tiny screen compared with the tablet.

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