Quickflix Pairs With Kogan On Android Dongle

Kogan's $99 HDMI Android dongle just became more interesting: future versions of the device will include built-in support for streaming service Quickflix, making it easy to set up any TV with access to the Quickflix library.

QuickFlix is already supported on Sony and Panasonic smart TVs, but this provides an alternative for older TV owners who don't want to connect to a separate streaming media centre PC. While the software will be pre-loaded, you'll still have to have an active paid Quickflix account or sign up to use the service.

The updated version of the dongle will be on sale from next week, according to a statement from Quickflix. Right now, Kogan is specifying a delivery date of September 17 for new orders for the dongle, so it seems likely that version will include the Quickflix software in any case. Xbox support for Quickflix is also expected this quarter.


    Interesting. Eyeing out a Samsung 8 tv so will pass on this but a MUCH cheaper option to get access to the PPV and streaming titles at Quickflix. XBOX and now Kogan, certainly moving in the right direction. Now to improve their catalogue.

    FYI - Quickflix runs an affiliate program (via http://www.igninetwork.com) for both Oz and NZ that pays $20-$25 per new subscriber - it amazes me that more tech companies or tech websites aren't jumping at this offer. Last I checked it had a conversion rate of 6%.... opportunity cost is key but certainly worth a look. (dis: no i have no association with igni, but have earn't a decent amount promoting quickflix)

    I just bought this dongle from Kogan, and it works GREAT! Full Android 4.0.4, with only a very subtle skin. Pity I'll have to get a newer version for Quickflix access, but if you're on the fence about getting this product, don't be: buy this dongle as soon as the new version is available. You will not be disappointed.

      thanks for the review spatch...I just emailed Kogan support to see if older versions could get an update that would give users access to these new features.. will advise when/if they respond.

    Damnit.. Sooooo tempted!!!

    Just got my Kogan dongle and while they are promoting the Quikflix 6-week promotion, when I loaded up the dongle it says coming soon. How long am I expected t wait?

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