Qantas' Gold Coast Return Kills The Jetstar Lounge

I'm very pleased to hear that Qantas is reintroducing three daily flights between Sydney and the Gold Coast from October — it's good to have an airline option that includes baggage and food. However, that development will mean Jetstar flyers won't be able to utilise the Jetstar lounge, since that area is being repurposed to reintroduce a Qantas Club facility to the Gold Coast airport.

I suspect many people who have paid for Jetstar lounge access might well be frequent flyers who will happily use the new facility (and enjoy not paying an extra fee for it). However, it's potentially bad news for cost-conscious Jetstar fliers who wanted access to power outlets, or figured a coffee, a beer and a snack was cheaper as part of the lounge fee than elsewhere.


    What? Jetstar offer both check-in baggage and food, they just don't include it in the price for those passengers who don't need it. I'm going to Melbourne in a couple of weeks and hiring a light car (Suzuki Swift) for two days is going to cost me more than the return Jetstar flights. OTOH, flying Qantas would have cost me as much EACH WAY. The only quibble I have with Jetstar is that in an almost empty plane, they put me up the back and charged me $5 to change my seat allocation. Even so, that only made it $60 each way and it would have even even cheaper if I'd flown to Avalon instead of Tullamarine. I can't understand how anyone ha a problem with being given a choice to pay for the level of service they require, although it seems to work very well for Apple.

      Apparently some people (like MotorMouth) put a very low price on their dignity. That's fine. Personally, a Jetstar ticket would have to be a quarter of the price for me to even consider it. I value my dignity which is why I choose Qantas almost exclusively.

        Qantas Club costs far too much, but I renew every year.

        Well la-de-daa. Very dignified, flying toffee-nose class. I value my money more than a complimentary meal on a two-gour flight. I've never felt my dignity in jeopardy flying on budget airlines, but I guess my own sense of dignity is more secure than yours.

      Not just with flights, but everything. They want the price to include everything. Where I play tennis they have a social session Sunday mornings. The price was $20 which included a breakfast. Then it was changed to $15 with no breakfast included, and the breakfast option cost $5. People complained about breakfast no longer being included - saying it should be free - so they force everyone to pay for it again now, whether they want it or not.

      Agreed with everything you said until the line about apple.

      We get it, you don't like apple. Their products don't suit your needs, and you believe it suits little to no ones needs. But continually making snide remarks like that just make you look like a childish troll.

    What if you've already pre-purchased lounge access for October? I assume I'll have to chase up Jetstar for a refund.

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