Protect Your Car Doors With Pool Noodles

If your car doors are prone to hitting the walls of your tiny garage, there's a cheap and easy way to prevent scrapes and scratches to the paint job. Grab your unused pool noodles, cut them in half and bolt them to the walls for effective bumpers.

This should prevent your car doors from scratching — as long as you don't hit the bolt heads. It might worth taking a little bit off the ends of the pool noodles and gluing it to the bolt heads for added protection.

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    i assumed this post was going to be about how to attach the pool noodles to ur car doors. but now that ive read it, it actually is usable, and not totally stupid as i assumed LOL


      Immediately thought of someone driving down the street in a BMW/Merc with orange pool noodles tape to the doors lol.

    Or use glue or double-sided tape to remove the chance of your car door ever hitting the bolts....

    I use the foam packaging out of electronic equipment boxes (PCs, printers). Double sided tape is the way to go for attaching to the wall

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