Prismatic Is A Personalised News App That Strips Away The Clutter

iPhone/Web: Filtering through the news is tough enough as it is, but finding topics relevant to you is even tougher. Prismatic is an iPhone app and web app that solves this problem by analysing your social networks and your location to find news that's relevant to you.

Once you sign in with your social networking of choice, the app immediately starts building a customised list for you. Prismatic operates similar to services like or News360. It uses who you follow as a means to find your interests, and then builds a news feed based on what it finds. Once it's set up, Prismatic displays that news in a simple feed and strips away the formatting for easy reading.

If you're not happy with Prismatic's suggestions, you can customise the type of news you're shown by adding more sources and keywords. I used my Twitter account to set up Prismatic, and it did an excellent job of finding relevant links right off the bat, but a little customisation made it even better. The Prismatic web app and iPhone app are both free.


Prismatic: Always Interesting [iTunes App Store]


    Hopefully will push flipboard to make a webapp

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