Practise Walking Into A Room Before A Job Interview To Nail Your Body Language

Your body language during a job interview says just as much about you as your resume. It's easy to get a little nervous and then freeze up during interviews. If you need to calm yourself down a bit, Forbes recommends you simply practise walking into a room.

Photo by Helen Harrop.

Speaking with body language expert Patti Wood, Forbes suggests that you physically run through how you will walk into the interview:

Practice entering and leaving a room, think about where you will put your briefcase during the interview, and plan how you will say hello and goodbye to the interviewer.

Like most job interview tips, this one is about preparation. The goal is to make you confortable from the start so you'll be more confident and less likely to give off negative body language cues. We've talked before about the negative body language cues you want to avoid in a job interview. These include any extreme movements, stillness, and even a good handshake. Head over to Forbes for a few more ways to keep your body language in check during an interview.

Interview Body Language That can Cost You The Job [Forbes]


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