Personalise Your Laptop With Your Own Adhesive Vinyl Transfers

If you've seen people with stencil-like stickers on their laptops and wondered how you can make one yourself, Instructables user GoodAsh03 can show you how. With a few tools and some time, you can give your system a personal touch.

All you need is clear and black contact paper, a precision utility knife, and the image you want to stick to your laptop or desktop. Cut the image out of the black contact paper, stick the black contact paper to the clear contact paper, and then stick the whole thing to your laptop.

You can see a step-by-step guide at the link below, but that's really all there is to it. You can do this with any image you choose, as long as it's mostly line art. I've paid for decals like these before, but considering how easy they are to make, I won't need to any more.

Stencil-Like Vinyl Transfer For Laptops [Instructables]


    or go buy them at

      Oh, yes, thankyou. Here I was thinking this was Lifehacker, but as you've so nicely pointed out, there's no point doing anything for yourself. Just buy things!

      Thanks so much Andre.

        Sorry, here was me thinking a life hack was supposed to increase productivity and efficiency. Spending hours to DIY a substandard product when the real thing is available commercially doesn't strike me as productive or efficient.

          Saving money is also a core Lifehacker value

          In which case the only Lifehacker stories we should pay attention to are ones that involve buying something. A cool way to make your own bread? Just buy it lololol! A way to reuse something in your house for something else? JUST BUY IT LOLOL!

          Maybe Lifehacker can do an article on how to not completely miss points. Many readers here would benefit from it. But then, you'd be better off buying a seminar on not missing the point, perhaps.

    errr.. you can buy printable clear sticker paper.... funily enough i also have a rage face.. but me gusta shining from the apple logo because i felt kinda dirty buying a mac.. but it also brings me pleasure so it was apt I thought

    Gives me an idea my mate can make these, might get him to print me up a few =D

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