OS X 10.8.1 Update May Improve Battery Life In Mountain Lion

If you've been having battery trouble since upgrading to Mountain Lion, there's good news: yesterday's 10.8.1 update may improve it some. Ars Technica tested it out on a MacBook Air and a retina MacBook Pro, finding that 10.8.1 brought their battery life back up by nearly two hours.

It isn't enough to make up for the three hours they lost with Mountain Lion, but it's much better than 10.8.0, so if you've been having battery life troubles, be sure to update ASAP and see if that fixes the problem. Hit the link to read more. [Ars Technica]


    I love Apple gear... I'm typing on it now... and it surrounds me here in my TechCave.
    BUT... I've always been baffled and confused how a company that controls the hardware, software, and everything else in the process including the consumer facing sales chain... and also touts this as the reason their products "just work"..... it's staggering how often, and how many minor and major glitches, bugs, mistakes etc get through to the SKU's released to paying customers.

    How can they NOT test-test-test-test-test-test this stuff ruthlessly and relentlessly in-house BEFORE it ever escapes the lab ?

    We the customers are as much to blame.. We happily continue to buy Apple products in the v1.0 phase knowing there will be major flaws and hoping they get fixed quickly. Gotta hand it Apple.. they are geniuses that have trained the lab-rats... I mean customers.. to pay Apple to do Apple's hardware and software beta testing. Excuse me now... I need to reach across and press a lever to release another food pellet :-)

    I would like to make note that unlike other tech companies Apple at least release updates to correct these issues in a timely manner as much as they possibly can. As a software engineer I know how difficult it is to get all bugs out of software - sometimes things just slip through despite best efforts...When they do then we fix them as quickly as we can and get the fix to clients in a timely manner...

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