Organise Cookie Cutters With A Pegboard

Organise Cookie Cutters With A Pegboard

If you have piled up lots of cookie cutters over the years, you may need an organisation option beyond throwing them in a drawer. Culinary weblog Annie’s Eats recommends hanging a small piece of pegboard to fit along the wall of your pantry or kitchen, and then storing the cutters on the peghooks.

Even if your kitchen isn’t infested with cookie cutters, you could use this to keep track of more mundane items floating around the kitchen. Or you could just make personalised cookie cutters from pipe cleaners and a foil pan, and fill up your pegboard with TIE-fighter and Tetris block cookie cutters.

Cookie Cutter Organizer [Annie’s Eats]


  • Who in their right mind has enough cookie cutters that they’d take the time to make a cookie cutter peg board? The only people I think could come remotely close would be cat ladies. And the right minded part of that equation is questionable.

    • Came here to ask this very same question. I think this is inherently an American thing more than an Australian one; we make biscuits here in Aus… not cookies.

      When was the last time you heard of someone using a “biscuit cutter”?

  • I have enough cookie cutters for a pegboard.
    Note: I’m not a crazy cad lady, I’m an architect lady who dabbles in baking Monday morning tea for the office…

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