Optus Lets You Buy Facebook Credits Through Your Phone Bill

We're not going to judge you if you spend money on Facebook credits for games. Sorry, that's a lie: we completely judge you. But if you are flinging money in Zynga's direction, Optus adding the ability to put those charges on your monthly phone bill could be a welcome development.

Optus has rolled out a new partnership with Boku to enable the purchase of Facebook credits which are then charged to your monthly postpaid bill. When you make a purchase, you receive a text message asking for confirmation, which should cut down on the potential for abuse. There's no such deal for postpaid customers. For postpaid customers, using your bill certainly seems better than submitting your credit card details into Facebook's often hopeless security systems.

Optus has also enabled BlackBerry owners to charge BlackBerry App World purchases on their monthly bills. Telstra added a similar feature late last year.


    Bit of a typo there: "There’s no such deal for postpaid customers. For postpaid customers ..."

    One should read pre-paid I suppose.

    But I guess if it's just for post-paid, that's alright. Last thing I want to hear about is kids going bust by spending their pre-paid credits on some useless Facebook game.

    Then again, I do know some kids who have a post-paid plan in their parents name..

    i can see this going wrong... someone hacks your facebook and rings (sorry for the pun) up a huge bill on facebook credit's.

    Uhh.. isn't Facebook phasing out credits in favour of local currency anyway?

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