Nintendo 3DS XL: Which Store Has The Best Australian Price?

The Nintendo 3DS XL — effectively a super-sized successor to the original 3DS — goes on sale in Australia this Thursday (August 23). The official list price is $249.95, but can you do better by shopping around?

A look around the major Australian retailers suggests you can score a few extra options with pre-orders, but there isn't massive price competition three days out from release. Here's what we found, ranked in rough order of value:

  • JB Hi-Fi is charging $229 for the console (plus 99 cents for shipping if you order for delivery).
  • Big W is bundling the console with Super Monkey Ball 3D for $248.
  • Dick Smith has the console on its own for $239. For $249 you can get a bundle with either Rayman Origins or a remote-controlled Mario Kart miniature. Both deals are online only, and there's a $9.95 shipping charge.
  • Mwave has the console on its own for $245. Delivery is $11.50, but you can pick it up at the Sydney warehouse for free.
  • Target has a $259 bundle with two games: Rayman Origins plus your choice of Combat of the Giant Dinosaurs or Ghost Recon Shadow Wars.
  • Games 101 has the console on its own for $242.95, but you have to pay $5.95 for postage, which brings it to $247.90. (The postage is flat-rate, so if you order other titles it works out cheaper.) You can also buy a 3DS XL bundled with Super Mario 3D Land for $288.95 (plus postage).
  • EB Games is charging $248 (you can pick up in store on the day). The price drops to $129 if you trade in an iPhone or iPad, but that's a frankly insane move; chances are you could sell either device yourself on eBay or Gumtree for more than $120.

Spotted a better deal elsewhere? Tell us in the comments. (And yes, I realise that uber-enthusiasts will have already imported one.)


    Any idea what the price would be if you were to trade in your regular 3DS at EB?

      The 3DS X:L is $99 if you trade your 3DS befrore 23/9 with a voucher that I picked up off the counter at one of their stores yesterday.

    You might want to fix the JB price, if you look on their site it is actually $229, not $248.

    Do they ever break the street date for consoles?

    Good guys has the 3DSXL plus New Super Mario Bros 2 for $287

    Hoping they'll release it in purple!

    target by far the best deal

    EB Games have a deal for Members of their rewards program.

    $149 including Kingdom Hearts DDD if you trade in your old 3DS. I'm doing that.

    Erm, I bought my 3DS XL from Big W today for $248 in Queensland and there was no bundle, just an optional essentials pack for an extra $19. Was that Big W bundle an online deal or something?

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