Nextcall Tracks How Often You Call Key Contacts

Android: Always being told by your mother that you don't call often enough? Not staying in touch with enough work clients? Nextcall is a simple Android app which ranks your important contacts based on when you last called them, helping ensure you make regular calls to important people.

Within the app, you can identify and categorise the contacts you consider important, so you're not being reminded to call someone that doesn't actually matter that much. You can also schedule reminders for how often you should call individual contacts, or contacts in a set category. The app won't track whether you successfully make contact when you do ring, but if you make a habit of reviewing who you haven't called when you have time to kill, it could be a useful enhancement.

Nextcall is a free download for Android devices. (A premium version is apparently in the works.)

Nextcall [Google Play]


    Thanks for checking it out.

    One thing to note, it 'WILL' actually track if the person answers or not, but only on some cel networks, with some devices. We designed it originally on Australian networks where if the person doesn't pick up the call, it doesn't reset the couter. But we've found some international networks with different android phones don't work that way. We're working on a fix for this.

    Can you consider adding an option of marking the person as called manually. I have talked to people on a different phone or visited people in person and they continue to show up in NextCall as needing to be called. By the way I love the application and have been looking for this type for a long time!

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