Movie Maker 2012 Enhances Music Options

Windows: Microsoft's Movie Maker is already the best free option available for movie editing on the Windows platform. The newly-released 2012 version adds some handy new features, including tools to locate music for your videos rather than skating around copyright laws and diving into your iTunes collection.

Within Movie Maker, you can choose to search for music from AudioMicro, the Free Music Archive and the Vimeo Music Store. Other enhancements include the ability to outline captions so they don't blend into your video, switching to H.264 as the default save format, and adding an option to upload direct to Vimeo. Windows 8 users get an automatic stabilisation tool for shaky videos.

Movie Maker 2012 is a free download for Windows. It's part of the Windows Live bundle (and easily the most useful app in that software set).

Windows Live 2012 [installer via Windows Experience Blog]


    IMO Movie Maker is not the best free video editor for Windows. It is Lightworks, it seems to be a professional video editor that's open source and used by some Hollywood video editors.
    BTW I am not sponsored by them, lol.

      Looks good!

      I clicked the jump just to see who was writing off Movie Maker. I haven't used it since XP, but I refused to believe it wasthe best free offering.

    Installing Windows Live 2012 also means that you lose your Windows Live Mesh functionality. Beware!

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