Men Shop More Carefully Online For Phones

It's a dull stereotype that women spend more time and energy shopping than men, but does that behaviour translate online? An analysis of shopping habits by comparison site Lasoo suggests that while women compare more items than men on average, it's a different story when it comes to phones and entertainment.

Picture by Oli Scarfe/Getty Images

Lasoo analysed 456,000 shopping searches on its site, conducted by 11,320 people. In terms of absolute averages, men compared 8 items, while women compared 12. However, when it came to phones, entertainment and watches, men considered far more alternatives.

Category Men Women % difference
Entertainment 16.10 5.77 10.33%
Watches 8.2 1.85 6.35%
Mobile phones 6.82 2.65 4.17%
Furniture 11.29 9.40 1.89%
Garden accessories 6.35 5.71 0.64%
Electrical goods 8.64 8.35 0.29%
Baby products 7.87 8.13 -0.26%
Clothes 4.6 6.93 -2.33%
Computers 8.67 11.02 -2.35%
Sporting goods 5.37 8.84 -3.47%
Homewares 4.32 11.28 -6.96%
Clothes (other member) 3.25 11.02 -7.77%
Groceries 3.04 15.38 -12.34%

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    Of course they do girls just choose the pink one.

      And if it's sparkly, look no further!

    I don't much like studies that generalise based on gender.

      even when it's across 11k people?
      seems to me to be a well supported statement, just because you don't like it doesn't change it

        Geez stop being sexist :P

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