McDonald's Serious Lamb Burger Will Fatten You Even Faster Than A Big Mac

Today McDonald's starts selling its first ever lamb burger, the creatively-titled Serious Lamb Burger. I'm as keen on the notion of tomato, beetroot, aioli, ketchup, egg and onion as the next burger addict, but be warned: this is quite the kilojoule-packed meal.

The burger costs $7.95 on its own, while a smaller wrap variant is $3.00. But the question we always ask here ate Lifehacker is: what's the nutritional breakdown? Here's the data direct from McDonald's:

  Serious Lamb Burger Serious Lamb Wrap
Energy (kJ) 3370 1460
Protetin (g) 40.6 14.6
Fat, total (g) 41.4 20.5
Fat, saturated (g) 15.2 8.4
Carbohydrate (g) 64.2 25.3
Sugars (g) 11.6 2.2
Dietary fibre (g) 7.3 3.0
Sodium (mg) 1340 393

That makes the Serious Lamb Burger higher in kilojoules than virtually everything else on McDonald's menu, save for a Double Quarter Pounder (3560 kilojoules).The calorific punch isn't altogether surprising: lamb is a fattier meat than beef, and the aioli won't help. The burger also has more than half your daily sodium allowance.

Moderation is the key: there's no harm in an occasional burger, and I'm all for lamb for a bit of variety. Just don't eat one every day for a week, and contemplate the wrap as a less laden alternative. As usual, we also advise skipping on the chips and drink. Are you tempted?


    Hahahah loving the sugar argument! Did you all know all people are different? So chances are most people can't agree? So um, there is no point really?

    a little of what you fancy does you good ;)

    lamb burger was over powered by herb/spice content , looking forward to this burger however the lamb flavour was not delivered . I am waiting your next special . loved the sydney stack. clean&simple.

    Do they have a double-down lamb burger, you kow, like the KFC d-d, only I'd like it with two lamb burger patties, and all the filling inside, no breadbuns.

    I work at maccas and I read the box where the meat patties come from & yes it is lamb.
    What the other guy said was 100% accurate, if you don't burn the calories, that's when you're gonna have some problems.
    Tried the wrap today & it was actually really nice, only ate a few bites of it cos I was scared of the amount of calories in it (365 calories).
    I do burn off at least 1/3rdof the calories I consume in a day (800-850 calories) by engaging in high intensity activities but still, calories scare me so badly!
    Everything at maccas is pre-made then delivered to us either in a box or a vacuum sealed bag. However it does have all the ingredients listed on the boxes (hence the reason why I know what's in it).
    Yes we do use Heinz ketchup.

    TO: Lamb Will Kill Me...

    You can grill (make) your burger to your own liking... (You can take the bread buns off & have two patties instead). Virtually whatever you would like on it, they will most likely deliver however, it will make the cost of your burger vary.

    Lamb burger is CRAP. Doesnt even taste like lamb, I threw the middle out and just ate the bun.
    dont buy it peeps, especially if you love lamb. What was Kekovich thinking? He cant possibly say it is nice lamb, its F********** HORRIBLE, I dont think it will be around for long..

    Its friggin Maccas of course it's fatty. You want to eat healthy, don't eat junk food. I personally like junk from time to time but it's not rocket science guys

    There's more fat and sugar in a Thai green curry.

    I tried the lamb wrap today - delicious.

    Did anybody see the new "Mary had a little lamb fries and coke" billboard ads by maccas? The Americans are loving the joke at McDonald's expense cause lamb fries means lamb testicles over there. It's doing the rounds on the Internet and researchers can't believe an MNC to overlook this unless they were expecting the Aussies & Kiwis to enjoy the burger with balls! (pun intended - courtesy the mX in Melbourne)

    I think this ad makes the Mcdonalds staff look unintelligent and nosy. I don't understand why the young man in the ad cant make the new burger even with a clear diagram in front of him that anyone can understand within seconds of seeing. Not only does he need someone to explain it to him too, but a second nosy employee cant help but butt in to disclose the last 2 ingredients that are bleedingly obvious to all.

    I get the feeling the the ad was not only meant to tell us consumers (shuddering at that word) that they have a new lamb burgder and it would be 'unaustralian' not to eat it - but also a recruitment ad for potential new dumb Australians to work in their ultra controlled, no thought work environment that is filled with good looking youthfuls. I dont mean to insult Mcdonalds workers, ive got nothing against the burger or supporting Australian lamb farmers (even though ive heard they will be using the undesirable necks and bellys of UK sheep in their 'serious lamb patty'), and i concede i may be reading too much into this, but in my opinion this ad does the company's image & employees no favors & i dislike the brand even.

    No wonder we're a land of fat bastards...

    This is actually a massive burger, at least 1.5 time in size of a regular maccas burger, and it's actually pretty pleasant, if you take out the beetroot and the onions :)

    Whether you hate sugar, fat or the concept of egg on a burger it tastes AMAZING.
    I myself am scared by the sugar content. And Paul, one word for your argument that our irrational fear of sugar is felled by ignorance n poor research: diabetes.

    Just had one for lunch - fantastic. The bet burger I have had for years!

    it's one brilliant burger ..That's all I have to say. :)

    Anything at McDonald's is not the healthiest way to go - but I tried a lamb burger today and it was pretty darn good. Once in a while wont kill anyone. Its a life of fast food that is dangerous

    Just went and got one, cut the sauces, onions and beetroot.
    Loved it. Be interesting to know the info without those items.

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