Make Your Own Paracord Fishing Kit Bracelet

Survival paracord bracelets can give you up to six metres of 250kg test strength paracord wherever you go. Here's a new method that also lets you carry fishing hooks, line and sinkers around your wrist.

YouTube user IntenseAngler Outdoors shares how to integrate three to four split-shot weights, two small fishing hooks and eight metres of fishing line inside the paracord bracelet in the video above.

After tying off the paracord to one buckle end, make a cut near one end of the paracord, pull out about an inch of the 7-cord inner strand material and cut it out. Insert three to four split-shot weights and close the opening by briefly holding it against the flame of a lighter. The two small fishing hooks are wrapped in electrical tape and taped to the inner strands of the bracelet, and a length of line is tied to the paracord and wound around until secured. Continue to weave your bracelet together.

If you need to use the fishing kit, you'll untie the bracelet, unwind the fishing line and remove the taped fishing hooks. If you don't have a knife, you can always rub the end with the split-shot weights against a rock until friction opens the paracord.

Paracord Fishing & Survival Bracelet [YouTube]


    Great idea. I've woven my own with approx 3 metres of thin paracord - it is surprising how much length it takes to weave this way.

    Just don't try to fly commercially with this around your wrist. If it sets off the metal detectors, you'll have some explaining to do as to why you need fish hooks on board the aircraft.

    Paracord, yes. Fishing kit, yes. Bracelet? No. Like posting about carbon fibre beartrap high-heels. Just, not right.

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