Make Your Own Fairy Floss Machine

Make Your Own Fairy Floss Machine

Fairy floss machines are often expensive, but this DIY version from the folks at Make will cost you far less, it’s resuable, and it uses parts you can easily get from the hardware store.

The video above takes you through the process from start to finish, including all of the components you’ll need to make your own: the mixing bowls, the fan motor, the propane torch and the sugar. It’s not a DIY project for everyone, but keen fairy floss lovers may want to have a go turning this working prototype into their personal fairy floss machine.

DIY Cotton Candy Machine [MAKE via Bon Appetit]


  • Fairly floss machines are one of the cheapest novelty machines at Kmart! America doesn’t get the thrill of $10 donut machines, pie machines, milkshake makers, snow cone machines, slushee machines and 50 million other things? I feel for them.

  • if you are going to attempt this you need to include an earth wire to prevent your death

    if you don’t understand that last sentence then don’t play with mains power to prevent your death. you could use an old battery powered motor from a cordless drill or remote controlled car

  • This is neither cheaper or safer than just getting one from kmart. Sure it’s hacking, but that butane torch and large stainless steel bowl costs well over the price of a fairy floss machine, and the ones from kmart will neither electrocute you or set fire to your sugar or rolled up paper tube.

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