Make Your Own Enormous Projector Screen Out Of Wood And Spandex

The screen for your projector is often underestimated as an expense in a home theatre setup. This is because it's easy to compare projector prices to TV prices and forget that you have to actually project onto something. Redditor dodgeboy solved the pricey problem with a little wood, spandex and DIY skills.

The whole thing cost me about $US200, including the wood, hardware, paint and fabric. Not too bad for a screen that size. It has great color/contrast, and is acoustically transparent so I can mount my centre speaker behind it.

He's right. A fixed screen of that size would cost hundreds more. While you can definitely get a pull-down option for about the same price, his DIY project looks a heck of a lot better and seems pretty simple to put together. It also comes with the added bonus of being able to tell your friends that they're watching movies on spandex.

DIY Projector Screen 128" [imgur via Apartment Therapy Tech]


    Yeh baby! I'm building this on the weekend for my new Optoma HD20 I ordered for $750 from Amazon! Black felt seems to be the way to go to prevent unwanted reflection.

    I'm not sure the quality of the picture would be up to the standard of some of the good quality micro bead ones available but it sure beats the hell out of projecting onto the wall.

    What I really like about this is the placement of the centre speaker behind the screen. Provided the screen isn't altering the screen this would provide the best possible positioning.

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