Make Your Own Cooking Gadgets And Upgrade Your Kitchen This Weekend

Cooking is easier and more fun when you have the right tools, but those tools are often expensive. Instead of forking over the cash, you can make many kitchen gadgets yourself.


Pancakes are great for weekend breakfasts, but the batter is messy and it can be difficult when you want to dispense it into perfect circles. Repurposing a ketchup bottle can solve that problem so you'll have perfectly round pancakes every time. If you'd prefer eggs, you can steam them in an espresso machine or make them quickly in a microwave .

If you don't steam too often, you probably don't want to invest in a steamer basket. You can use two disposable pie plates and make your own.

Leftovers last longer if vacuum-sealed, and you can accomplish this easily with a brake pump or even just a drinking straw.


Love fairy floss? Make your own machine out of mixing bowls, a fan motor, and a propane torch.

Enjoy your new DIY kitchen gadgets and have a great weekend!

Photos by Roger Price, Ryo Chijiiwa, and oatsy40.


    Also, a pretty awesome thing I saw just yesterday actually - easily separating egg yolks from the whites - use a plastic drinks bottle:

    (the video is Japanese, but you don't really have to listen to understand it).

      Good idea!

      But just so you know, the video is in Mandarin, not Japanese. I know the written forms kinda look alike, but yeah.

    For a steamer, just use a [metal] strainer over a saucepan of water and pop the saucepan's lid on the top. It won't fit perfectly but it gets the job done nicely.

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