Make Your Google Search Results Always Open In A New Tab

If you're doing more than a simple search on Google, you probably want those links to open in a new tab instead of the current one so that your original results are always available. Here's how to make Google open your results in a new tab every time.

If you'd rather have Google not open your results on the same page, you can set the default by going to Google and clicking on the cog in the upper right-hand corner. Choose "Search Settings" from the list, then scroll down to "Where Results Open". Check the box for opening them in a new tab, press Save, and you're good to go — Google will never cover up your results list again. Hit the link to read more, or to see another, more Firefox-centric method for doing the same thing.

How to Have Google Always Open Search Results in a New Tab [Guiding Tech]


    I just click the mouse wheel and it opens in a new tab.... Just saying

      I do this normally also, but its nice to know now i can just 'Click'

        I want clicking links to behave the same on all websites. It should be in muscle memory. If I have to consider whether I'm on google or not before I click, it's made the situation worse rather than better.

          ... for you.

          Having choice is good.

    Ctrl + click will open any link in a new tab... or better still install the Firefox addon DblClicker, which opens any links in a new tab by double clicking.

    DblClicker can be found here:

    If you want to use the keyboard only for Google search results you can press Tab and then the uses the up/down arrows to navigate through the search results.... Ctrl + Enter will open the selected link in a new tab.

    Beef up your search bar (Ctrl + K to use the search bar) with these addons:
    Add to Search Bar:
    Scroll Search Engines:
    SearchLoad Options:
    Organize Search Engines:

    This is a very awesome lifehack!

    Just middle click (or ctrl + click for mouses with no middle button).
    Easy and simple, and will work on any page.

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