Make Fresh Bread In Just Minutes With A Pressure Cooker

One of our favourite food hacks is making fresh bread without a breadmaker. If you own a pressure cooker, you can make delicious and rich-tasting loaves at home in under 20 minutes.

Laura at Hip Pressure Cooking (the same smart site that showed us how to cook eggs in a pressure cooker) details this interesting bread-making technique. You'll need some sort of container, like a coffee can or heatproof glass measuring cup, and just a few simple ingredients (flour, bicarb soda, yoghurt). After pressure cooking for 15-20 minutes you should get a warm loaf (even faster than baking bread in a slow cooker). The bread doesn't come out crunchy, but you can quickly grill a few slices or put them under the grill for some crust.

The pressure cooker is a wonderfully versatile kitchen tool. One of the best things about this, besides saving time, is you avoid heating up your kitchen with the oven.

Pressure Cooker Bread: Less energy, less time, REAL bread! [Hip Pressure Cooking]


    So, they just discovered you can make damper without a campfire? :P

      No, they knew the recipe for damper and shared it on the internet. It's what we do here.

    "One of our favourite food hacks is making fresh bread without a breadmaker."

    W.T.H.... seriously? BAKING is a hack? Christ on a crutch are you serious? So, I'm thinking if I took away Melanie's bread maker, microwave and food processor, she'd starve?

    Give me a break.

      I get the sense from this site that almost any food you make yourself at home is a 'hack'.

    New definition: "In Just Minutes" = Half an hour (including preparation , cooking and grilling.)

    Everyone has a bread maker in their house.... It's called an oven


      If they could show us how to wash dishes with our oven, THAT would be a hack.

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