Magic Lantern 2.3 For Canon DSLR Cameras Updates With New Features

Canon DSLRs: Magic Lantern is custom firmware for select Canon DSLRs that provides an array of advanced video and imaging features that Canon doesn't include by default. The latest update provides automatic HDR bracketing, better contrast and saturation adjustments, in-depth image analysis and hassle-free time-lapse videos.

The time-lapse feature is awesome because it can record at an automatic interval and assemble it as a video file for you (instead of a series of pictures) when you're done. This is significantly easier than doing the work yourself later (although that's an option as well).

The update is available for a number of popular Canon DSLRs, such as the 5D Mark II, 50D, 60D, 500D and 600D. Support is forthcoming for the 5D Mark III and the 650D. For more on the update, check out the full release notes on Magic Lantern's site. If you want to learn how the custom firmware works, read our guide.

Release Notes [Magic Lantern via Canon Rumors]


    With some of the features of "release shutter on sound" and "release shutter on movement" it will be very hard not to try this on my 5DIII once my standard 12month warranty expires.

      No need to wait for the warranty to expire -- this is a program that runs alongside your firmware, not replace it, so risk is minimal and I don't think they can find out if you've used it before..

        Are you sure? Does the firmware run directly from the SD card or something? I'm in the same position as Mr White up there; my 5D3 is under warranty, although mine is for 3 years, and I wouldn't want to jeopardise that at all.

      Actually, you won't be able to run it on the 5D mkIII just yet - since it's not supported... yet.
      "Works on: 5Dmk2 2.1.2, 50D 1.0.9, 60D 1.1.1, 500D 1.1.1, 550D 1.0.9, 600D 1.0.2"

    It puts a tiny bit of code in to say "when you press the trash button look at the sd card"and when you take the card out it runs as normal.

    I installed this on my 5D MkII as soon as it came out. Impressive!
    I have used the 7 stop auto exposure bracketing in conjunction with the intervalometer function.
    Adds features of the top of the range Canon SLRs, plus more. Especially for video work.
    However it could destroy your camera. Quite a risk to take.

      Its a very, very low chance that it could harm your camera, like so low that it has never happened yet

    Can Magic Lantern run on a 450d. Anyone know!!!

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