Madonna's 'Sorry Australia' Video Demonstrates How Not To Apologise

More than a month after cancelling a promised Australian tour in 2013, Madonna issued a video 'sorry' to Australian fans. Unfortunately, it's largely an object lesson in how not to apologise.

Let's review what's wrong with the apology, which you can see in the video above:

It's not timely. The tour was cancelled July 18, but the apology didn't appear until August 26. That hardly suggests a burning sense of regret.

It's not actually a video. That delay might make sense if the video was (in any sense) a professional effort. Despite Madonna proclaiming "I was going to write a letter to everybody but I thought it would be better if I filmed myself", it's audio-only. Writing a letter would have been a lot quicker.

The excuse doesn't seem valid. The crux of Madonna's apology is that she wanted to be able to spend time at the end of the year with her children, rather than staying on the road. Any parent can sympathise with that argument, but it's not like the tour dates were announced on a whim. "I did everything I could, I thought long and hard about it," she says. Well, no. You could have scheduled Australia at a different time, or chosen not to appear in the first place, rather than getting everyone excited and then changing your mind.

We'll give Madonna credit for apologising, and the world won't stop turning simply because she doesn't tour, but this half-hearted effort won't do much to improve resentment amongst her fans. Don't make the same mistake the next time you screw up. Acknowledge the mistake in a prompt fashion, and give reasons that make sense.

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    I still can't believe she's still relevant. She had a good long run, but sweetheart it's all over now, time to retire!

      What a vile, ageist opinion

    Wow i clicked here to scold you on saying "object lesson" which sounds pretty stupid, i was going to say you should have said "abject lesson" but after doing a quick Google to make a compelling argument, i found out that apparently object lesson is correct and abject lesson isn't (in this situation), although i still question the need for object in there :)

    I didn't even know she was touring. Incidently, it is a little known fact that the 'Boris the Russian' character in 'Snatch', (that's right ......the Guy Ritchie film) is actually based on Madonna. He was run over, then shot repeatedly and would not die until he did so in comical fashion in a corridor outside a toilet in a pub. I think this may be a metaphor for whom ever she calls herself now. Yes folks.

    Dear Madonna
    We couldnt care less if you never set foot in Australia ever again.
    In fact, we would prefer that.

    Go easy on her, she's so old that she can't have many years left to spend with her kids.

      So old? Moron

      Maybe's she's holding out to get seniors discounts in Aus?

    Madonna, still not as bad as Justin Beiber.

    Meh... good for her..
    Maybe she could do Australia first next tour and let some one else miss out next time if she decides to cut short...

    I don't care much for Madonna -- in fact, I've never intentionally listened to any of her music or viewed any movie intent on seeing her. I do however think you're being a bit harsh on her --maybe it's the fact that I just have no opinion of her whatsoever that dictates my placid attitude towards her apology-- but I don't see the problem, yes, it was wrong of her to be so disorganised as to bother even mentioning an Australian leg of her tour, if only to later cancel it, but than in itself is the problem, not the apology.

    How is the apology the problem? Whether you choose to believe the validity of said apology or not is entirely circumstantial and up to each and every individual. I mean, it was entirely up to her whether she decided to apologise or not, personally regardless of who the person is, I think I'd rather an apology than no apology -- it shows that they are aware that they have made a mistake, and I'd rather he be aware of her mistake than not aware, that's just ignorant.

      Well said!

    Madonna is a responsible parent. This shows how unselfish she is putting her kids before her career! Sure it's tough on Australia but there are some Aus fans who came to Europe and I have travelled to Tokyo from Europe to see her in the past. It's amazing how bitter some people now are. When she was trying desperately to organise an Aus. leg she was the best thing since sliced bread. Now it's all bitterness and sulks! Why did it take so long? Well ..... small matter of actually being on tour, giving time to her four kids on a day off , dealing with stupid law suits etc etc! In my opinion this is an apology from the heart. She has obviously pondered long and hard over this issue. Give her a break! She's human. If you cease to be a fan because of this then tough. She has millions of fans all over the world in places where she's NEVER actually performed! That's dedication. Put yourself in her shoes and stop being so self absorbent!

    What a bunch of nasty bitching, moaning and groaning about an apology. So sorry she didnt do it to your satisfaction, ELTON!

    ...Madonna is still alive???

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