Lifehacker Talks Tech Pricing On Good Game

In a sequel of sorts to our recent discussions on technology rip-offs in Australia, Lifehacker editor Angus Kidman was on this week's episode of the ABC's Good Game talking pricing. Check it out at the link. [Good Game]


    Nothing will change, they will continue to count their money, and laugh as we continue to pay too much.

    Companies like Harvey Norman dare to turn up on the television and demand the end of online sales (not exactly those words, but you got the message) yet articles and stories like this paint the true picture.

    You can look at Blu-ray's, video games, hardware, computer software, electronics, televisions, mobile phones, pay tv etc, and at every turn we, the Australian consumer continues to get the shaft.

    In reality though.. why won't they do it? why stop charging more when they've been getting away with it for so long? in the end, people won't stop buying their products. Sure we'll whine, and complain, but in the end, we'll bend over and take it so we can play the new Halo.

    We are certainly very apathetic when it comes to issues we are upset about.

    VERY interested to hear about Autodesk and their submission.

    I'm glad that Bethesda took the initiative on Steam after their last sale, making Skyrim match America's price of $60 down from $80 before, permanently.

    Hopefully other publishers will follow suit, except EA; they'll never do something like that -_-

      ...except Bethesda didn't maintain that. Dishonored is back up to their old over-pricing.

    Aww darn it, I missed Good Game this week.

      that is what iview is for.

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