Lifehacker Talks Roaming On The Project

Lifehacker editor Angus Kidman popped up on The Project last night, talking about global roaming rorts. Check the full video after the jump.

The Project


    Hats off for shedding some light on this issue. It feels like this has been a problem for ages.

    The problem as we all know is data and there's no easy way to show users a cost for that upfront. With things like imesaage it'd be cheaper to send it as a text instead of the data required. Charging in minimum blocks of KB really sucks. People need to do thier homework and look into travel sims for thier destination country.

    Mug shot of Angus.

    "A recent prison escapee on the run states 'roaming rules' and I'm not going back to prison."

    Shame they called you the editor of instead of the Australian site D=

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