Kippt Adds Social Elements To Saving The Web For Later Reading

Kippt is a web service that helps you save the web for later and offers a few advantages over similar tools. You can follow others and see what they're up to, categorise items and share anything you save with friends.

The setup process is simple and helps you learn how the service works as you go. First, you set up the lists you want. These are basic categories of things around the web you intend to collect. They might be articles you want to read later, cool images you find, things you want to buy, code snippets or anything else you can dream up.

With that complete, you can follow other interesting people on the site and see what things they collect. If there isn't anybody you want to follow directly, you can always get your friends to sign up so you can follow what they're grabbing on the web. Once all that is set up, you just need to install the Kippt extension for your browser (or list-specific bookmarklets) and you can start saving away.

What's nice about Kippt is that you get a little bit of everything in a simple interface. If you're looking for a better way to save stuff for later, be sure to check it out.

Kippt [via Swissmiss]


    How is this useful to anyone but the App maker ? Are they really doing you a favour by letting you attach their App to your browser so they can track what you read ?

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