Keep A Torch By The Fuse Box

When a fuse blows or the power needs to be turned off for some reason, you don't want to be frantically turning the house upside down to find a torch or your phone. Martha Stewart's blog shows us how a little bit of foresight ensures you'll always be able to see what you're doing in the fuse box.

I'd also recommend using a metal body torch, if possible, that uses AA or AAA batteries. The metal allows you to attach the torch to the fuse box with a magnet, and AA or AAA lithium batteries will ensure you won't have to worry about dead batteries for up to 15 years. Where do you keep your touch? Share your contingency plans for sudden power outages in the comments below.

Fuse Box Light [Martha Stewart via Storage and Glee]


    In the same vein as this; Wrap your tyre wrench in a towel, It stops it from rattling around in the boot of your car, and you will have something to wipe your hands on when you need to change a tyre!

    "That's the trouble with common sense; It's not that common!"

    Good idea, also good tip about the battery type. I'll do just that!

    Just have to wonder, if you're by the fuse box/junction box, then aside from using it to see the fuse/circuit breaker to fix, what's the use?Wouldnt it be a better idea to put the torch in an easy to remember place?

      I roll up some newspapers that i have lying around, dip it in kero, then light it up. When i get to the fusebox, i put out the fire along with everything else i've accidently set alight, and use the torch. Convenient!

    I actually keep one behind the door at all times. Front door, bedroom door, and any other door that seems appropriate. There's almost always a gap between the hinge and the corner of the room, that little space almost always goes to waste, so right next to the hinge is the perfect spot to sit an emergency torch in most rooms.

    This is a great idea... except who doesn't own a smart phone or any phone capable of acting as a torch these days? Given that we're all so technologically connected most people always have it near them anyway.

    The key ring for my fuse box also has a small torch attached to it. It hangs from some hooks in my kitchen. The torch is in the shape of a Lego man, so it's easy to recognize by touch.

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