KDE 4.9 Improves Stability, Performance And File Management On Linux

Linux: KDE is one of our favorite desktop environments for Linux, and this week it released an update that brings increased stability, performance, and apps to the Linux desktop.

This update focuses a lot on stability, but isn't without a few handy feature improvements. The most notable include:

  • The Dolphin file manager includes back and forward buttons, inline file renaming, and the ability to show metadata like ratings, tags, image size, file size, date and more. You can also sort files by these metadata properties, which is awesome. It also includes a better Places panel, improved search, and better integration with the Terminal.
  • The Konsole terminal now includes the ability to change directory when you drag and drop a folder into the window and detach tabs by dragging them out of the window.
  • Activities, the feature that helps you separate your work from your play, is now a bit more powerful, letting you link certain files to each workspace. You can also encrypt certain activities for more private work.
  • The KWin window manager now has better performance all around, as well as a few improvements here and there with certain effects like Wobby Windows.

There's a lot more happening in KDE 4.9 (like full annotations inside Okular, our favourite PDF viewer for Linux), so head on over to your updates panel and download the new version now. It should be available for most distributions already, but if it's not, give your repositories a few days to update (Kubuntu users can enable the backports repository to get it now). Hit the link below to read more about the new update.

KDE Release 4.9 — in memory of Claire Lotion [KDE Announcements]


    Still yet to see a KDE setup that doesn't look awful.
    Maybe one on /g/

    I tried KMail a week ago on Xubuntu and my machine almost cried. Running it started up so many daemons and other processes and everything ground to a halt. There was no clear way to stop them apart from killing them (in the right order, otherwise they restart). When KMail lost the mail folders, I tried deleting all my config folders but settings persisted elsewhere.

    Maybe it works better if you run everything KDE, but running a single KDE app was terrible.

    That said, I use Kate and Kompare, so KDE isn't all bad.

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