Infographic: How Australians Spend $184 Per Day On General Living Costs

Infographic: How Australians Spend $184 Per Day On General Living Costs

That $184 a day totals up to a whopping $43,376 since the beginning of this year. That figure comes to you courtesty of the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC), which has also summed up many of the most interesting figures in this infographic. Woah; we spend $14 billion a year on alcohol!

ASIC is using the infographic to promote its new (and free) TrackMySpend iOS app, which lets you track and categorise your spending. ASIC’s MoneySmart site also has plenty of tools for helping control your budget; good stuff.

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  • This is an average of what idiots actually spend and bears no resemblance to what anyone actually needs to spend. e.g. It says we spend $23 a week on clothing and footwear. I don’t know about you guys but I’d be surprised if I spent even a quarter of that. If I look at the last 12 months, I’ve spent about $150 on shorts, tracksuit pants and underwear, plus $160 on a waterproof jacket. That’s about $6 a week. And $142 on transport is even more ridiculous. I put $20 worth of petrol in my car every week, which is counted separately, and rego/insurance works out to about $20-$25, which is $120 less than the average. I spend about $2 a week on medical and health, not $24. A few are close to what I actually spend but most are way over and none are less than I spend.

    • Congratulations, you live close to your job. What about those who have to drive at least an hour a day to and from their job? Or those who catch public transport?
      Your travel expenses are indicitive of everyone. I have to spend at least $28 on train tickets, more if working weekends. Plus petrol of about $30 per week am I somehow an idiot since I work in the city and don’t live exceptionally close to a train station?
      Perhaps I’m an idiot for being genetically “defective” and buying creams for skin problems (aka medical expenses)?
      Well done MotorMouth, you are someone whose expenses are not average. I applaud your ingorance

      • Not to mention that this is indicative of households, some of which have children, or dare I say, multiple children, whose travel & clothing expenses are included. These children, let’s say 12, cannot support themselves and even if they could, it’s a HOUSEHOLD’s expenditures, if you’re going to run your mouth, at least have some semblance of an idea of what you’re talking about.

    • An average includes everybody — some people need spend more than you. That’s makes you lucky (if somewhat perpetually under-dresed) — it doesn’t make everyone else idiots…

      eg. the average of $24 a week on medical would include those who have health insurance and may need regular medication and appointments. At $104 a year, I will assume you don’t. Again — consider yourself lucky that you don’t have such ongoing needs…

      In fact, $104 a year probably wouldn’t even cover a dentist checkup these days.

    • This is an article about a study which reveals something about a large group. Why on earth do you think that your abnormal spending patterns are of interest or relevance? The most amusing part is that you are aggressive and insulting towards an AVERAGE. The only thing that could have made you post even more perfect would be if you threw in a “sheeple” somewhere. You are basically claiming that everyone is stupid because they don’t spend like you do. If you are such a great and unique financial mind amongst a sea of idiots, then surely your budget would be quite high with all the squillions you would be making? I can only assume you are sitting on quite the next egg.

  • Is this even true? I am from New Zealand, single, under 35. And he spends about 3 times more than me. 869 per week is $45000. Do people earn a lot more in Australia or do people just not save any at all

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