How To Fix A Loose Nexus 7 Screen

The Nexus 7 is one sweet chunk of Android tablet goodness, but some buyers have found that the screen is loosely fitted on one side and can make an irritating creaky noise. Lifehacker reader Gabriel shares a quick video on how to fix the issue.

There's not much more involved than removing the back and tightening a couple of screws. As the video points out in a poorly-spelled endnote, Google will repair the issue if you ask, so this might seem risky. That said, it's a very simple fix to implement.


    Or you could not be cheap, buy an iPad and have a replacement handed to you within 2 minutes at an Apple store should anything ever go wrong. Just saying.

      That simply isn't the Android way of doing things. Droids aern't just devices people buy to use, they are like pets. People buy them to explore the hardware limitations of the device and have fun with throwing code at it to see the full potential of the device. They install their own flavours of android and in some cases make their own. If there's a quick and easy DIY solution, don't simply send it back as if it were a depressed puppy, Fix it as if it was your last.

      And this particular problem isn't exactly worth RMAing for anyway.

      or buy 2-3-4 android devices for instead of 1 overpriced device.

      You can do the same if you purchased your Nexus 7 at a store. Plus Android gives you options that you never had, like widgets. AND GOOGLE NOW is the best thing that has ever happened

      not cheap... but breaks more easily than a nexus? it takes a tiny impact to crack or shatter an iPad screen, whereas the Nexus 7 can take quite a beating. I fell and dropped mine onto concrete, no case or screen guard, and all that happened was the corner popped out. I clicked it back into place, and haven't had an issue since. In the meantime, a friend of mine is on her third iPad.

    Thanks Corey - that comment was as useful as a hole in the head. Did Apple replace my iPhone4 with the antenna fault over the counter? Anyone else to throw rocks?

    My nexus 7 screen actually cracked because of this issue, I had to return it. Definitely do something to fix it!

      This is the first good comment on this page, congratulations!

      What were the results of you returning it? I dropped mine and broke the screen but good. The picture is fine, but no touch sensitivity. The reports I've read say that it's $170 to get it repaired by Asus :-O

      I plan to work around it by using my phone as a bluetooth mouse on my N7, but eventually I'd like a fix...

    Yep I did it, mine was a little (like .5mm) creaky. Worked a treat and really easy. I'd go so far as to say the back is built to be easily removed.

    And Corey can Jam it. Different products for different segments. And a removable cover means - replacable battery.

    Mine had his problem. I just fixed it following the video. Bummer that it was messed up to begin with but hey, I'm an android-do-it-yourself type of person. No way an apple user would try this

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