How To Check If A Website Is Blocked In China

How To Check If A Website Is Blocked In China

Planning a trip behind the Great Firewall of China? Make sure to check if the website you need to get stuff done is blocked before you go with this handy tool.

This test from connects to various severs positioned around China and pings your desired site from these locations to see if they can connect. Sites are piped through Beijing, Shenzen, Inner Mongolia, Heilongjiang Province and Yunnan Province for checking.

Right now, the top 10 tested domains include Facebook, Wikileaks China, YouTube, Twitter and Google. Interestingly, the two results that round out the top 10 include Dropbox and Yahoo. Someone tell Marissa Mayer that the Chinese want cloud storage services!

It takes a little while to check once you input a domain name to test, but the good news is that Gizmodo Australia passes the China test!

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