How To Beat Facial Recognition Technology

Facial recognition technology isn't part of science fiction anymore, it's something that's being employed by a handful of governments around the world, and even private enterprise is getting in on it with applications like Facedeals. If you don't want to be pinged in public by a surveillance suite though, hacktivist group Anonymous have made a handy instructional video to keep you safe.

Tips to dodge facial recognition software include wearing a clear plastic mask to make your facial features unrecognisable to video surveillance, because your face appears all reflecty and blurred. Another way the Anons suggest is to tilt your head more than 15 degrees to the side, as software limitations means you'll be rendered undetectable. You can also apply "elaborate makeup" — Gotye-style — to make yourself invisible to facial recognition tech.

All of these make you look pretty silly, though.

The best way to do it that the Anons recommend is to get a few infrared lights powered by a nine-volt battery and attach it to to a hat. The lights will be relatively invisible to the naked eye, but cameras looking to identify you will pick up the light and the resulting bloom will cover your face completely when viewed by cameras.

It's not often you can say this but thanks, Anonymous! [RT]

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    Infrared lights. Just like on last week's episode of White Collar.

    I heard the IR LED thing is a myth..


      Well, it's not a myth, but it depends if the camera has an IR filter or not. Most security cameras don't and therefore get blinded by the IR light...

    The IR trick is a myth. Majority of the time, there is an IR cut filter used in the camera which blocks any IR light coming in rendering the hack as useless. Also the cammeras generally used at entrance points often have better sensors that can deal with harsh light etc.

    Oldschool hack: Rock + Camera = Win.

    The IR light trick may work, but it comes with unintended consequences. They just need to follow the guy with the beacon with the cameras, then send some ground assets to check it out, up close and personal. It need to be used only for short times to avoid issues. The use of Burkhas, in the other hand, combined with the dhimmitude of authorities afraid to offend you know who, would eventually become a better strategy, once sharia laws start becoming official policy here in the US, because, the way things are right now, you know that's coming, don't you?

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