How To Avoid Being Redirected To Country-Specific Versions Of Google

When you're in Australia, entering into your browser will usually result in a redirect to Here's how to easily visit without being taken to the local version of Google search.

This trick works well if you're using a VPN to get a foreign IP address, say, if you want to watch the Olympics on BBC's player or use other international apps. As we've noted before, it can also be useful if you want to try a Google feature that hasn't been rolled out beyond the US.

All you need to do is head to The NCR stands for "No Country Redirect", and it will take you back to the standard US without all the local results. Note that it will redirect to, so if you don't see the /ncr after you press Enter, that's normal.

LPT: Use to Get Search Results that Aren't Localized [Reddit]


    Cool. So how can I avoid being redirected to country specific versions of Lifehacker and Gizmodo?

      Click on the flag in the top right corner and select the country you want.

        The button is not there anymore or not on my iPad. WTF?

          Yeah so 5 years later this is still impossible for me to get around. Anyone??

    Unfortunately that only works on links that you have control over. If you start from another Google link then its IP-fascism takes over; ditot if you say click the RSS icon in the Chrome omnibox and it takes you to the local language version of Reader.

    Right now I have a situation where Google tries to push everything French on me, but then notices that my settings all specify English, and so pops up Google Translate to turn everything back - sorta - to English. it even pops up the translation if I'm on an English language page.

    On top of that Google Maps thinks I'm living in the United States but gives me French UI.

    Google search, even with the /ncr which I've been trialing for a week or so now, still pushes French wikipedia results, so there's a lot more F****-up language stuff going on that's apparent when there is a language mismatch.

    If you surf the Google forums then you'll find people all over the world who are being similarly affected by its inability to comprehend language settings.

    Can anyone help, I'd like to be able to search all countries Except the US with Google. It's never difficult here to find results from within USA but I have no idea how to search countries outside of the USA except one at a time and even then I can't specify "news" or "images."

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