How Does Olympic And NBN Spending Compare?

Aussies love grousing about our Olympic medal tally and there's significant (if often misinformed) opposition to the NBN. But which costs more to run? Luke over at Gizmodo has crunched the numbers. [Gizmodo]


    let it go Angus - not everyone agrees with you or your best buddy Conroy - as they say, if you cant do it, teach it, if you cant teach - write about it. Those of us with real world experience ( as opposed to journalistic experience of only writing about what others say) can see that the NBN is going to be a debt that tax payers will be needlessly paying for long into the future.

      As a tax payer, I'm glad my taxes are going into the NBN and am willing to pay for it for as long as it takes to complete. Personally I feel that the NBN is necessary infrastructure to scale Australia into the future. What "real world" experience do you have that others don't when it comes to judging whether the NBN is going to be a debt?

        +1 My real world experience says Bring It On. I needed it yesterday. Please please please don't let a coalition gov wreck it. please.

        I'm a journalist so I'm always right - opinions alternative to mine are for trolls an d people who are mis - informed !! You obviously havent paid enough tax and havent had the pleasure of watching governments waste money. Back to sausages for you beefy .

        So what exactly will you be using the NBN for and how much money will that save the "taxpayer". Why dont you come up with a business case that adds up . When you do - give it to Stephen Conroy and then at least he will have a business case to show us.

          Your argument is little better than 'I live in the real world and pax taxes so I know the NBN will fail'. Why don't you come up with something a little more convincing. PS other people pay taxes too. I don't like mine going to private schools.

          I work as an Radiotherapy Technician in a Radiation Oncology department. It would be very handy for us and the Oncologists to send and receive patient CT scans, treatment plans, contour data, MRI and PET images along with the attendant documents in and out of the department.

          But due to current limitations in bandwidth the patients go without the consultation we could get if we did have these capabilities. If we could have real time conferences with our colleagues in other hospitals in Australia on both patient consultation and research projects there would be a lot more output and costs savings in terms of hiring expensive staff or replicated work done in other departments.

      go away... judging by that uneducated comment... your over 40... you'll drop dead in another 40 so you don't really care... meanwhile those younger than you absolutely can see an extreme need for this... whatever the cost... in areas that arent a 5 minute drive from an exchange internet speeds max out at 6mbps with real world speeds of about 500kbps!... thats a joke... we have one of the slowest connections in the world... heck... I bet africa has faster internet than us... some Scandinavian countries are on 1gbps!


    I work at a school in an outer suburb of Melbourne, we pay an extortionate monthly amount for a wireless internet link with a miniscule download limit, because our exchange is 5k away. No telstra fibre in the vicinity. We'll be happy to see it.

      Yup. my office is at centre of subiaco, a pretty upmarket suburb near the middle of perth.

      We can't get fibre. Not from any company that does fibre in perth, I called them all. we needed more than standard ADSL uplink, so now we're paying $600/month for 8mb/8mb midband ethernet with a 200gb cap. If our needs increase in future, we might be able to push our connection higher by running a lot more copper to the office (2mb/2mb a line!)

      The status quo is constraining what we can do and the NBN will change that. I can't wait.

    If there are anti-nbn zealots, you are a pro-nbn zealot. Problem with zealotry is that it clouds your ability to be rational, see other points of view and fend off confirmation bias.

      Btw, when I say you, I'm looking at you angus.

    I would gladly see more of my tax going to the NBN rather than sport. And I think the NBN is about the most worthwhile thing the government is investing in for the future of this country.
    Here is the thing, that's just my opinion. Just like everyone else's comments are just opinions. No one knows the future, but chances are the Internet isn't going to get smaller or less relevant to all our lives. We need the NBN and anyone who wants to believe otherwise can go in the same category as flat earthers

    At least once the NBN's paid for it functions for many years afterwards and eventually even makes money. So Olympic spending is far greater as it never ends, pays for itself or returns a monetary profit.

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